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Understanding credit consolidation

n the country, it is clear that the consolidation of credit has met with some success thanks in particular to the drop in rates and the current socio-economic situation. Understanding how it works, its strengths, its limits allows you to plan with serenity.

Credit: a necessary financial solution

Credit: a necessary financial solution

n the country as in other developed countries, the indebtedness of households via a loan to the consumer or credit to housing is part of the fashion of consumption current.

Considered as the most requested financial solution, consumer credit ( personal loan, work loans, revolving loans, etc.) is requested by all social classes, it is often essential to carry out a project ( major purchase, vacation ).

With or without input, finance the purchase of a good real estate by the credit is a necessity for a large majority of the people, this situation is also the same with the loan to the consumer to buy a car or to perform the work of development or delivery to standards.

The credits have become a necessity and often indispensable for the realization of major projects, however the bidding, the proliferation and ease of loans have become the main sources of debt.

Credit consolidation: main points

Credit consolidation: main points

onsolidating loans ( real estate and / or consumption ) and loan redemption property  n be very advantageous in several cases of FIGS.

First, in the repurchase of mortgage, the fact of obtaining a better rate than its initial rate makes it possible to decrease the total cost of its loan or to reduce its duration of repayment. Depending on the rates charged, this banking operation allows an owner to calmly repay his mortgage.

Then, for the grouping of credits ( real estate and / or consumption ). It can be interesting to reorganize your budget efficiently and sustainably if your financial situation is unbalanced.

The grouping of loans offers the borrower a clear and simplified vision of his only credit. Finally, having your credits redeemed allows you to reduce the amount of your  nthly payment.

Loan consolidation: fees

Loan consolidation: fees

he consolidation loan is considered one of the best  ptions  regain a stable financial position.

However, there are fees that vary depending on the type of loan to be pooled or redeemed 

he main costs are related to payments of reimbursement anticipated that often indicated in the offer of loan and that can not exceed the 3% of the amount remaining due (except without such fees stipulated in the original contract).

A land publicity tax (1%) may be added to the costs of the repurchase, if there is a mortgage guarantee on the loan, as well as intermediation costs when the borrower requests a bank intermediary.

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