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The right credit card for occasional & infrequent users

If you want to rent a car or book a special hotel offer for a long weekend or a trip, a credit card is essential. The credit card for occasional users or infrequent users should then offer the basic advantages without additional, costly functions.

As an occasional user, pay particular attention to the following features when selecting and initially using them:

  • Possible usability, which is not restricted to a few countries or groups of countries. Unlike the V Pay Girocard from Postbank and other V Pay institutes, it should not only apply in Europe
  • It should also be issued as a prepaid variant in one of the world’s leading standards from American Express, Mastercard or VISA
  • Initially transfer two or three smaller amounts and see how many days (note the weekend) the amounts are available on the credit card account. Then plan the next assignment in good time.

To get prepaid credit cards without great requirements

To get prepaid credit cards without great requirements

Occasional users usually do not need the credit card variants with additional price-increasing features such as travel insurance or accident protection for vehicles.

For the first credit card in particular, it is therefore advisable to use a prepaid version. The fact that no new additional credit limit is granted beyond the checking account significantly reduces the risk of uncontrolled spending.

Since ordering is quick and easy, the prepaid credit card can therefore be recommended for less users. These are often even available from the house bank or other banks. It can also be used to get used to a credit card and the additional options. Later you can still switch to a classic credit card with a credit line.

Another advantage is due to the design: Since the credit card can only be used if there is a credit, it is also completely secure on the Internet or when traveling abroad. If the credit card and PIN are lost due to carelessness, then no large credit can be “cleared”. Therefore, a prepaid model is also recommended for travel in pickpocketing intensive regions.

Issuing a credit card

Issuing a credit card

There are very different variants of prepaid credit cards: This begins with a virtual card for shopping on the Internet, which consists of a fully opened account and an electronic data record. No physical credit card is issued here, purchases are made by entering the card number and PIN.

The second variant of the prepaid credit cards is a real variant issued as a credit card: It has a magnetic stripe and a chip so that it can be used fully in the online world and also directly in shops.

Our tip is therefore: Before applying, make sure that a credit card is really being issued and that it is not just a data record!

The cost structures

The cost structures

Maintaining a credit card account including the storage of the account opening documents, the identity check and the monthly billing is costly for the credit card issuer in all cases. Even if only a comparatively few transactions are settled. For this reason, a number of different billing models have been established in the market for prepaid credit cards, each based on different sources of income. In addition to classic billing with an annual fee, there are also variants that require an annual fee and an additional percentage fee per recharge. Therefore, you should read the conditions carefully before choosing a credit card.

Depending on the actual frequency of use and the amount spent per year, there are unfortunately no clear test winners for infrequent credit card users. It is best to take a good look at the offers of the banks and credit card companies and compare them.

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