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Magnetic stripe broken on credit card – what to do?

If the magnetic stripe on a credit card is defective, only a card exchange usually helps. This guide will tell you what to do and how to avoid damage.

Nothing works without a plastic card

Nothing works without a plastic card

For many people, looking into their wallets no longer applies to cash, but rather to credit cards. Cashless payments are being used more and more. For stays abroad, in the supermarket or on extended shopping tours, the “plastic money” enables uncomplicated shopping – if it works.

Broken credit cards are unfortunately not uncommon

Frequently used, the magnetic strips are quickly damaged. Incorrect storage in your wallet can also damage the card. Even if the magnetic strips do not contain PIN information for security reasons, they contain the most important data, such as:

  • Credit card number
  • Cardholders
  • Credit institution
  • and validity period

saved. If they are illegible, a corresponding error message appears at the cash register or at the ATM.

If nothing works anymore: Exchange through new application

If nothing works anymore: Exchange through new application

As soon as the magnetic stripe of the credit card is defective, no longer legible or error messages are displayed again and again, you should inform the responsible credit institution and apply for a new card. For this purpose, it is advisable to inquire at a branch or by phone how you can best apply for a new credit card. To avoid possible misuse of the old credit card , you should cut it up or hand it in personally to your bank. You can also have the broken card handed over to you for security . Applications for reissue can also be downloaded online from many credit institutions.

For the new application you usually need:

  • a completed application for the reapplication / re-application of a credit card, possibly with attached loss declaration
  • and an identity card if you make the application at a local branch

When applying for a post, many providers use the so-called Postident procedure, in which the identity is determined in the post office with the help of the identity card. Attention: The issue of a new replacement card is chargeable at many banks and banks.

Card protection: So that the accident does not happen again

Card protection: So that the accident does not happen again

To protect the function of your credit card and the magnetic stripe, you should observe the following basic rules:

  • Never store magnetic cards directly on top of each other in your wallet
  • Avoid magnetic fields that can damage or even erase the data on magnetic stripes. These are often found in clothing stores to secure the purchased goods at the cash register
  • Use the card only for payments

Despite all precautions, the magnetic stripes on credit cards can have errors and defects. This is due to their fragile technology, which will be replaced in the future by more durable cards with chips.

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